Transparent display.

In today´s competitive market. It is important to be the first transmitting an impressive message to the consumer or spectator.

The transparent displays are a striking and innovative product. The display can be customized according to the needs of the company, at the same time we can interact animation and images with real physical objects.

Create a new way to attract consumers and promote any product and brands in a wide variety of environments, such as museums, shops, sports stores or business receptions. The transparent display showcase is a great solution, fully equipped with a transparent active matrix LCD on the front side. It is easy to use, they are all 'Plug and Play' with optimized lighting and integrated player.

Transparent display cases are illuminated from 22 to 46 inches, in a display area that can show multimedia content in front of the products placed inside the unit.

Optionally, we offer the possibility to make the screen touchable.