Editorial MC3D

MC3D is an innovative publisher. The company has published several books of photographs, which include powerful images in three dimensions, using stereoscopic technology.

Stereoscopic is a technique that allows you to appreciate the effects of depth and distance in the image, obtaining a result of three-dimensional visual information, shockingly real.

These are the 3d books; “Andalusia 3D”, “Ronda 3D” and “Alhambra 3D”, that help you live an exciting trip around these places by the visualization of amazing images.

Our company offers you the possibility to realize your own projects. We have specialized equipment and vast experience and will advise you above all the possibilities and proposals for publishing books with stereoscopic images.

Purchase of 3d books.

You can purchase our books at this website using the shopping cart located on the right banner. If you prefer you can get it through AMAZON, clicking on the books to buy.

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