Converting 2D to 3D content.

Our company offers you the ability to convert any video or film format 2D to 3D.

With the arrival of the 3d technology market, we are presented with a great demand for 3d content. The first step in creating 3D content is to convert 2d content to 3d content. However, the conversion prices remain high and can be expensive.

MC3D uses 2D + Z format to generate a 3D effect. For each frame of video used. We generate a depth map to get the 3D effect. Convert 3D content is now much easier and faster. This type of conversion is almost the same quality, the conversion is completely manual.

In addition, all conversions are compatible with all brands of TVs auto stereoscopic.

Our prices are very competitive and depend on the quality of the video and the depth levels you want to achieve.

Contact us to get the quotation that fits your needs.